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Make More Money

Schedule more motions in one department, pick up another job in close proximity to your last job, get job alerts for jobs with bonuses or added services, and use our job concierge to never miss a high-paying job for tomorrow because you were on the record!

Keep Your Business Private

Never publish your location on social media again. RealTime Reporting keeps all of your location information private and on a need-to-know basis. We never share your identity without your permission.

Expand Your Network

RealTime Reporting has an expansive network of great agencies waiting to be discovered by you. Your fellow reporters may keep their favorite agencies a secret from you, but we never will!

An Ethics-First Firm

We’re all about personal connection. We’re a small, family-like firm and this enables us to connect with our clients. So when a client is relying on us for accurate court reporting, we don’t see them as just another trophy for our shelf or another name on a computer file. We see them as the people they are. We see them as the reason that we came into this business in the first place. The reason that we do all we do—to better the lives of with whom we cross paths.